​​Maris Lee Christofferson (The Crow)
Gypsy Tarotist/Native Craftsman 
Maris was born in a Latvian orphanage and was adopted by and American family at a young age. Having gypsy blood in him it wasn't a surprise that shortly after his adolescent training he became a traveler without roots. Maris studied shamanism, and old style tarot reading in Arizona. In addition, he makes a variety of native crafts including dream catchers, and jewelry from recycled charms and talimans. Maris is a certified Tarot Master who began reading tarot cards professionally at age 10. Maris believes in old style ethics as it relates to reading

Austin Lee Parker (The Rabbit) 
Spiritualist Rootworker
Originally, Austin was a devout Christian. Due to religious conflict with his sexual orientation, Austin left the Christian movement and began studying a wide variety of African /Native American earth based religions including Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Shamanism. Austin is Reiki trained via the John G Lake derivate Healing Rooms based in Spokane Washington. In addition, studies the works of Rootworker Catherine "Cat" Yronwode out of Lucky Mojo Curio Company (Forestville, CA), Tayannah Lee McQuillar and her writings on Folk Magick of Black America, and the various African American fokelore studies of Zora Neal Hurston. Austin specialize in conjure spells, uncrossing, and individual and space clearing

The 79th Rabbit Crow  ​Metaphysical Work